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Public Speaking Learning Objectives for Test I

Download public speaking learning objectives for test i PDF file. Public Speaking Learning Objectives for Test I Text: Stephen E. Lucas, The Art of Public Speaking, 9th Edition The test will consist of 50 - 60 multiple-choice questions
Added on 5 September 2011.

38796Y12 CAE Spec txt for web

Download 38796y12 cae spec txt for web PDF file. CAEcontentand overview Part/timing Content Test focus 1 READING 1 hour 15 mins Part1 Three textson one theme from a range ofsources. Each text hastwo multiple-choice questions.
Added on 5 September 2011.

Ruby Ghostscript - Document Builder

Download ruby ghostscript - document builder PDF file. Ruby Ghostscript (RGhost) is a library for document developers wanting a quick and easy way to generate pdf files. Notable features include: inserting images, vector drawing , text,font support , EPS template support and multiple output formats. RGhost acts as a Ruby wrapper over the Ghostscript engine enriched by a predefined set of Postscript(ps) functions.
Added on 26 April 2011.

Typography for Visually Impaired People

Download typography for visually impaired people PDF file. The choice of typeface is less important than contrast, type size, weight and the spacing of characters. Quirky, unusual, script and titling faces are highly inappropriate for legible continuous text. There is no valid research to support the preference for a sans serif typeface (such as Arial or Helvetica) over a seriffed one (such as Times or Century). However, seriffed faces are regarded as more ‘readable’ in continuous text for regular reading. This may equally apply to large print texts.
Added on 26 April 2011.

SPARK: Top-Keyword Query in Relational Databases

Download spark: top-keyword query in relational databases PDF file. With the increasing amount of text data stored in relational databases, there is a demand for RDBMS to support key- word queries over text data. As a search result is often as- sembled from multiple relational tables, traditional IR-style ranking and query evaluation methods cannot be applied directly. In this paper, we study the effectiveness and the effi- ciency issues of answering top-k keyword query in relational database systems. We propose a new ranking formula by adapting existing IR techniques based on a natural notion of virtual document. Compared with previous approaches, our new ranking method is simple yet effective, and agrees with human perceptions. We also study efficient query process- ing methods for the new ranking method, and propose algo- rithms that have minimal accesses to the database. We have conducted extensive experiments on large-scale real data- bases using two popular RDBMSs. The experimental results demonstrate significant improvement to the alternative ap- proaches in terms of retrieval effectiveness and efficiency.
Added on 26 April 2011.

Project Oberon (2005)

Download project oberon (2005) PDF file. This book presents the results of Project Oberon, namely an entire software environment for a modern workstation. The project was undertaken by the authors in the years 1986-89, and its primary goal was to design and implement an entire system from scratch, and to structure it in such a way that it can be described, explained, and understood as a whole. In order to become confronted with all aspects, problems, design decisions and details, the authors not only conceived but also programmed the entire system described in this book, and more. Although there exist numerous books explaining principles and structures of operating systems, there is a lack of descriptions of systems actually implemented and used. We wished not only to give advice on how a system might be built, but to demonstrate how one was built. Program listings therefore play a key role in this text, because they alone contain the ultimate explanations. The choice of a suitable formalism therefore assumed great importance, and we designed the language Oberon as not only an effective vehicle for implementation, but also as a publication medium for algorithms in the spirit in which Algol 60 had been created three decades ago. Because of its structure, the language Oberon is equally well suited to exhibit global, modular structures of programmed systems.
Added on 26 April 2011.

Introduction to Probability

Download introduction to probability PDF file. Probability theory began in seventeenth century France when the two great French mathematicians, Blaise Pascal and Pierre de Fermat, corresponded over two problems from games of chance. Problems like those Pascal and Fermat solved continued to influence such early researchers as Huygens, Bernoulli, and DeMoivre in establishing a mathematical theory of probability. Today, probability theory is a wellestablished branch of mathematics that finds applications in every area of scholarly activity from music to physics, and in daily experience from weather prediction to predicting the risks of new medical treatments. This text is designed for an introductory probability course taken by sophomores, juniors, and seniors in mathematics, the physical and social sciences, engineering, and computer science. It presents a thorough treatment of probability ideas and techniques necessary for a firm understanding of the subject. The text can be used in a variety of course lengths, levels, and areas of emphasis. For use in a standard one-term course, in which both discrete and continuous probability is covered, students should have taken as a prerequisite two terms of calculus, including an introduction to multiple integrals. In order to cover Chapter 11, which contains material on Markov chains, some knowledge of matrix theory is necessary.
Added on 26 April 2011.

Web Service Semantics - WSDL-S (2005)

Download web service semantics - wsdl-s (2005) PDF file. The current WSDL standard operates at the syntactic level and lacks the semantic expressivity needed to represent the requirements and capabilities of Web Services. Semantics can improve software reuse and discovery, significantly facilitate composition of Web services and enable integrating legacy applications as part of business process integration. The Web Service Semantics technical note defines a mechanism to associate semantic annotations with Web services that are described using Web Service Description Language (WSDL). It is conceptually based on, but a significant refinement in details of, the original WSDL-S proposal [WSDL-S] from the LSDIS laboratory at the University of Georgia. In this proposal, we assume that formal semantic models relevant to the services already exist. In our approach, these models are maintained outside of WSDL documents and are referenced from the WSDL document via WSDL extensibility elements. The type of semantic information that would be useful in describing a Web Service encompass the concepts defined by the semantic Web community in OWL-S [OWL-S] and other efforts [METEOR-S, WSMO]. The semantic information specified in this document includes definitions of the precondition, input, output and effects of Web service operations. This approach offers multiple advantages over OWL-S. First, users can describe, in an upwardly compatible way, both the semantics and operation level details in WSDL- a language that the developer community is familiar with. Secondly, by externalizing the semantic domain models, we take an agnostic approach to ontology representation languages. This allows Web service developers to annotate their Web services with their choice of ontology language (such as UML or OWL) unlike in OWL-S. This is significant because the ability to reuse existing domain models expressed in modeling languages like UML can greatly alleviate the need to separately model semantics. Finally, it is relatively easy to update the existing tooling around WSDL specification to accommodate our incremental approach.
Added on 27 April 2011.

Integrating GIS and Imagery through XML-based Information Mediation

Download integrating gis and imagery through xml-based information mediation PDF file. Integration of information from distributed, heterogeneous information sources is an active area of research in the database community. The research efforts have mainly concentrated on sources such as collections of web documents, relational databases and text files. In the domain of spatial information systems, researchers have studied integration architectures, issues and problems in semantic interoperability and information integration concepts for spatial data [0,0, 0]. Some recent approaches [14, 15, 19] have applied information integration methodology from the database community to spatial information systems. In this paper, we propose a mediation-based approach for integrating information from two types of information sources, viz. spatial information systems such as GIS and searchable databases of geo-referenced imagery. As in [14,19], our goal is to enable users to issue a single query in order to search multiple information sources and, in return, receive a combined result incorporating data from across these sources. Similarly, we would like to provide authenticated and authorized users the ability to update sources. This paper describes the architecture of a mediation-based system and steps through the query evaluation procedure in an such a system.
Added on 27 April 2011.

Tutorial on Threads Programming with Python (2007)

Download tutorial on threads programming with python (2007) PDF file. Modern operating systems (OSs) use timesharing to manage multiple programs which appear to the user to be running simultaneously. Assuming a standard machine with only one CPU, that simultaneity is only an illusion, since only one program can run at a time, but it is a very useful illusion. This is changing, as for example dual-core CPU chips have become common in home PCs. But even then, the principle is the same, as there typically will be more processes than CPUs, so that some of the simultaneity is illusory. Each program that is running counts as a process in Unix terminology (or a task in Windows). Multiple copies of a program, e.g. running multiple simultaneous copies of the vi text editor, count as multiple processes. The processes “take turns” running, of fixed size, say for concreteness 30 milliseconds. After a process has run for 30 milliseconds, a hardware timer emits an interrupted which causes the OS to run
Added on 27 April 2011.

Learning to Use a Learned Model: A Two-Stage Approach to Classification (2006)

Download learning to use a learned model: a two-stage approach to classification (2006) PDF file. Association rule-based classiers have recently emerged as competitive classification systems. However, there are still defiencies that hinder their performance. One deficiency is the use of rules in the classification stage. Current systems assign classes to new objects based on the best rule applied or on some predefined scoring of multiple rules. In this paper we propose a new technique where the system automatically learns how to use the rules. We achieve this by developing a two-stage classification model. First, we use association rule mining to discover classification rules. Second, we employ another learning algorithm to learn how to use these rules in the prediction process. Our two-stage approach outperforms C4.5 and RIPPER on the UCI datasets in our study, and outperforms other rulelearning methods on more than half the datasets. The versatility of our method is also demonstrated by applying it to text classification, where it equals the performance of the best known systems for this task, SVMs.
Added on 27 April 2011.

A Fast Voxel Traversal Algorithm for Ray Tracing (2006)

Download a fast voxel traversal algorithm for ray tracing (2006) PDF file. A fast and simple voxel traversal algorithm through a 3D space partition is introduced. Going from one voxel to its neighbour requires only two floating point comparisons and one floating point addition. Also, multiple ray intersections with objects that are in more than one voxel are eliminated. In recent years, ray tracing has become the algorithm of choice for generating high fidelity images. Its simplicity and elegance allows one to easily model reflection, refraction and shadows.1 Unfortunately, it has a major drawback: computational expense. The prime reason for this is that the heart of ray tracing, intersecting an object with a ray, is expensive and can easily take up to 95% of the rendering time. Unless some sort of intersection culling is performed, each ray must intersect all the objects in the scene, a very expensive proposition.
Added on 28 April 2011.

Stage IV Melanoma: Surgical and End-of-Life Issues

Download stage iv melanoma: surgical and end-of-life issues PDF file. Visit www.MelanomaCare.org to view electronically or pass on to colleagues W Don t open this newsletter yet Before breaking the seal, see how your melanoma management style compares to the styles of experts in the eld by following these simple instructions Circle your answers to the multiple choice questions on the back cover Detach the perforated back page and fax your answers to 845 398 5108 Or, if you prefer, you can answer the questions and read the article on our Web .
Added on 14 May 2011.

Inside this issue: Eclipse Touch Video Magnifier with Touch

Download inside this issue: eclipse touch video magnifier with touch PDF file. Eclipse Touch Touch Screen Technology Meet President Low Vision Divi sion of the Vision Council of America Pg 2 iZoom Software Free Training Pg 2 More Free Webinars Pg 3 exhibiting tradeshows Pg 4 February February February Newsletter Newsletter Newsletter touch Page 2 iZoom USB Eye Care Edition patients and text With images text having through complicated installation means can any computer setting seniorcenters, users level magnification, but change text background improve contrast, their documents emails web pages personalized, included who purchase 2011 Meet the New Chair of the Low Vision Division of the Vision Council are very that own Ken Bradley, Presi dent Optik America, Chair the Division tenure, Ken initiatives well continue many established programs for year. campaign age related that targets senior centers across Ken continue educational programs that take International ExposEast and West. Ken great To find out more or order, call toll fr ee 800 487 5389 valuable learning that wide that viewed listened are convenient, ideal multiple listeners use speakers webinars are length additional mers eschenbach.
Added on 7 June 2011.

File: Chap19, Chapter 19: Oxidative Phosphorylation

Download file: chap19, chapter 19: oxidative phosphorylation PDF file. Chapter 19 Oxidative Phosphorylation and Photophosphorylation Multiple Choice Questions 1. Electron-transfer reactions in mitochondria Page: 690Difficulty: 1 Ans: E Almost
Added on 9 July 2011.

Kennesaw State University / Brooking History 2112 / Fall 2009 Quiz 1

Download kennesaw state university / brooking history 2112 / fall 2009 quiz 1 PDF file. Kennesaw State University / Brooking History 2112 / Fall 2009 Quiz 1 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
Added on 22 July 2011.

Making a Multiple Choice Test in Microsoft Word

Download making a multiple choice test in microsoft word PDF file. Anson/How To/Multiple-Choice test page 1 of 2 Making a Multiple Choice Test in Microsoft Word To make a multiple-choice test in word, you need to use the outline function.
Added on 6 August 2011.

Typography and readability

Download typography and readability PDF file. Markus It konen Typography and readability There are many different typographic factors that affect the readability of printed text. Among them are choice of typeface, font
Added on 10 August 2011.

Samples from Social Studies Test Preparation: The Civil War

Download samples from social studies test preparation: the civil war PDF file. Samples from Social Studies Test Preparation: The Civil War, Student Edition Introduction Multiple Choice Questions Document-Based Questions 8153 Social Studies
Added on 18 August 2011.

part2 prealg exam review.tst - TestGen

Download part2 prealg exam review.tst - testgen PDF file. Pre-Algebra Exam Review Review for Part 2: You may use a calculator to solve these problems. Name MULTIPLE CHOICE.
Added on 28 August 2011.

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